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UDINE, 1st of June 2020 (MOREL) – On Monday the 8th of June, the Accreditation Campaign for the highly anticipated Far East Film Festival 22 - online from the 26th of June to the 4th of July (and operating through Mymovies.it) - will open. The virtual passes, which have been designed specifically for use online, will be available in three versions which fondly evoke Asian imagery: Silver Ninja (€ 9,90) for the curious, Golden Samurai (€ 49) for the fans, and Platinum Shogun (€ 49) for the hardcore Fareasters.

Perks for passholders include access to Far East Film Online, the brand new Asian cinema platform created by the festival which will come online on Saturday the 1st of August, offering fifty titles, including both classics and new movies, that will then be updated periodically.

This year's line-up - which the organizers will be officially presenting to the press in the next few days - will consist of 45 films from 8 countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. A number of films will be available worldwide, while others will be limited to European territories or to Italy only. 


When we talk about FEFF 22, we're not just talking about a large international festival moving to the web and making the films in competition available via streaming: we're talking about a large international festival completely transforming itself into an online event, with all its contents adapted - as far as possible - to the grammar and dynamics of streaming.

The web will therefore be a meeting place for an old public and a new one, who together will be called upon to select the winners of the Audience Awards and, in addition to the viewings, actively participate in the greetings from actors and directors and in-depth talks with the greats names of Asian cinema.

From the 30th of June to the 2nd of July, Focus Asia – the festival's Industry area, including the FEFF in progress section (the first and only European platform dedicated to Asian films in post-production) - the project market and an abundant line-up of webinars will also be online.(ends)




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