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From action to horror: all the colours of Asia!

UDINE,  1st of July 2020 /(MOREL)From action and horror to drama and comedy: the seventh day of the Far East Film Festival 22 moves easily between genres and countries, offering up five truly unmissable titles! Things kick off with Korean film Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 by Kim Do-young, a pointed reflection on the banality of evil, then continue with Life Finds a Way from Japan (the highly anticipated 8½ of the Watanabe brothers), Chinese drama An Insignificant Affair by Ning Yuanyuan, an intense and painful look at teenage loves, and blockbuster action movie Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy by Jazz Boon, which marks the return with a bang of Made-in-Hong-Kong action. The late night slot is dedicated to thrills and chills, and so here's The Closet by KIM Kwang-bin, proving that "skeletons in the closet" is more than just a figure of speech! Are you feeling brave?

Meanwhile, the (digital) work of the FEFF Campus - the school of journalism for young Asian and European talents headed by veteran journalist Mathew Scott – continues apace. The "Fab 8" who entered the FEFF Family this year are Adora Tan (Singapore), Suet Fun Choo (Malaysia), Kalash Nanda Kumar (Malaysia), Kelly Le (China), Fan Hong (China), Diego Aparicio (Cyprus), Josep Santcristofol (Spain) and Linda Santu Lama (Italy).

The programme - which is all being carried out via streaming - includes individual tutoring sessions with well-known film critics Elizabeth Kerr (The Hollywood Reporter) and Richard James Havis (South China Morning Post), while the topics of the online seminars include the influence of Covid-19 on the media landscape. The young reporters also have the opportunity to engage with Roger Garcia (Hainan Island International Film Festival, ex-Hong Kong International Film Festival) and Patrick Brzeski and Abid Rahman of the Hollywood Reporter.

Let's not forget that the sixth edition of the FEFF Campus is supported by the media platforms China Film Insider, China Daily Hong Kong, Jakarta Post, Taiwan News, New Straits Times, Cyprus Mail and, which will be publishing the articles written by the campus's students, and that the initiative has also received support from Europa Cinemas and Telum Media.




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