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During the FCBarcelona-Real Madrid match, the whole stadium roars for independence

Viva Catalonia

Viva Catalonia

Barcelona,Catalonia,7 October 2012 (MOREL)- During today’s football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, played at the Barça stadium, the roar for “independence” has once again been overwhelmingly present. Simultaneously, placards with the word “independence” have been shown repeatedly behind the FC Barcelona goal. A huge amount of outlawed “Senyera estelada” flags (the Catalan independence star and stripes symbol) have been waved throughout the stadium the whole match long in defiance of Madrid’s veto of the Catalan independence flag. After the huge Demonstration that filled the streets of Barcelona last 11th September (Catalan National Day, when a million and a half Catalans demonstrated in favour of the freedom of their nation under the slogan “Catalonia, a New State in Europe”, the firm steps that are being taken in the direction of independence are becoming more and more perceptible.

Barça, the club founded in 1899 by Swiss Hans Gamper, has since its origin stood out as a solid symbol of the Catalan nation. The Catalan flag is indeed present on the club’s shield. Over the course of the club’s history, there are many episodes that speak of the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. The official six-month closure of the stadium in 1925 due to the mass booing of the Spanish Anthem (innocently played by a visiting British military band unaware of the adverse effect it might cause) during the Primo de Rivera Dictatorship, the resignation and expulsion from Spain of the club’s first president, Hans Gamper, who was invited to leave Catalonia, the assassination of president Josep Sunyol in 1936 at the hands of Spanish fascists, the impediments suffered at the hands of the Franco regime for over 40 years... In the darkest years of repression and persecution, Barça was one of the few settings where Catalans could express their feelings. Today’s FC Barcelona is once again the platform from which thousands of Catalans express to the world their will to be free. The shouts in favour of independence have not been common in the Nou Camp in the last few decades, but since the Champion League match played against Spartak last September 19th, this habit has grown into a regular feature on the terraces. Today these shouts have become especially loud, with a roaring peak 17 minutes and 14 seconds into the first half (the dígits corresponding to the year in which the Catalan nation lost its freedom). This deafening roar in favour of independence is a clear sign that many Catalans believe that their future is outside Spain, a State that has systematically mocked, insulted and robbed them. (end)




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