28.02.2022 ob 18:29
Deli članek

Brussels, (MOREL)-  “War is never an option. Dialogue, even in the worst moments of the relations among Peoples and States, has to be the only way to settle disagreements” says Mr. Volker Dick, ATCEUC President. “We have worked years to build a community of States and Peoples based, after centuries of wars, on peace, mutual respect and exchange of positive behaviours and we are now horrified by the latest news from Ukraine” continues Mr. Volker Dick.

“We think Aviation should only be used to enhance cohesion among people everywhere in the world, and the use of it to bring death and destructions hurts our feelings” says Mr Xavier Wirth, ATCEUC Vice President. “ATCEUC is proud to have been joined a few years ago by ATCTUA, the Ukrainian Union of Air Traffic Controllers, and stands in solidarity with them and all the Ukrainian. The behaviour of the Russian Government is both criminal and stupid, and violates all international laws signed by the Russian Government too, trying to destroy not only the Ukrainian military and civil institutions but the European spirit itself. This behaviour is against all the European people, including Russians, which we want to be part of our community, and this shall not succeed” ends Mr. Volker Dick.

ATCEUC supports the Polish and Romanian ATCOs’ Unions and Foundations in their active help to the Ukrainian ATCOs’ families and stands with European institutions in their effort to bring back peace in Ukraine and establish a real dialogue among States.(ends)